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Simptek Machinery is a China-based company known for producing outclass rubber mixer mills, rubber vulcanizer and dispersion rubber kneaders. We were founded in 2002 and are backed up with the considerable experience of more than 15 years. We are one integration company from processing, research & development, design, sales & marketing, and after-sales services. Being a calendering machine exporter, we are recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of an extensive range of unmatchable quality products such as lab extruder machine, rubber extruder machines, drop door kneaders, pressurized kneaders, internal mixers, EVA & TPR compound, and several other high-quality products that are primarily tailored in the rubber, pharmaceutical, coating adhesive, cosmetics, chemicals, foods, and many other industries that are connected with these fields. We provide the most fantastic quality of products to our customers at reasonable rates.

We have equipped ourselves with a highly experienced research and development team that helps us develop the plastic producing equipment. These equipment are applicable for laboratory use as well. We always have the back of our customers, whether they wish to pursue more profitability, better production, and more efficiency.

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Dispersion Mixer

Stainless steel fabricated dispersion mixers are used for better and more uniform blending of plastic and rubber-like substances. They have semi-automatic operationality. They are equipped with a 19 rpm roller speed that supports the production of 150 kilos per hour. These dispersion units are well-crafted with several hi-tech systems that head off to prevent the material-leakage. These components include the sealed shaft, pneumatic and electric controllers, forged plates, dust sealing units, mixing chambers and gearboxes, etc. the uniform mixing performance is ensured by the advanced designs of their rotor-wings, jacketed piston arms and spiral angle. The primary advantages of these dispersion mixer units include the wear and tear-proof designs, low noise generation, hard chromium plated accessories, and high operational speed.

Lab Rubber Kneader

Our perfect lab rubber kneader range is best anticipated because of eco-friendliness, excellent dispersion effect, and simple user design. Lab rubber kneaders are mainly used in the research and development sector. They are also used in small scale manufacturing sectors. We ensure that their production and design are carried out by highly qualified personnel. We equip the lab rubber kneaders with a semi-automatic ability, so their control and temperature can be adjusted manually. They are made with high-quality stainless steel so that they have high wear and tear proofing. The operators of a lab rubber kneader can be changed by the operator. They also contribute towards the uniform blending of plastics, chemicals, and rubbers under specific temperature and pressure.

Laboratory Extruder

The laboratory extruders that we design are featured with unique screw designs. We have also equipped them with a high-quality semi-automatic system so that they can also be controlled and operated by the operator. Furthermore, we have also ensured that these machines are user-friendly and easy to operate. The standard components of laboratory extruders are tire tread extrusion heads, forced lubrication type reducer, and inner tubes that regulate first barrel and transmission performance. Their feeding section is equipped with side rolls to optimize feeding performance. They are driven by PLC, and we provide a one-year warranty with these. We ensure that laboratory extruders are manufactured while retaining their quality and also comprise of manually operated steel brackets, feeding systems, and plug top.

Rubber Mixing Machinery

Rubber mixer mills are used for optimized and uniform kneading and blending of rubbers of different grades such as synthetic, EVA, natural, and others. It is also used to knead chemicals and plastics such as PVC. We produce high-quality rubber mixing machines are equipped with semi-automatic controls such that...

We are primarily known for the excellent quality machines that we offer at the most reasonable prices. The variety of tools that we offer is backed up with incredible attributes such as flawless functioning, ease of operation, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. We offer the best product range that gives the customers the right value for the money they’ve spent. We believe that the “Customer is God” and thus, we focus on treating the customers with the utmost respect and providing them with the best quality machines at the most reasonable prices. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. We ensure that we leave no stone unturned in satisfying the customers and thereby retaining them. Also, our amazing machines helps in reducing cost, this machine can be installed stock blender, even fitted with a safety system.

We were founded in 2002, and since then, we have aimed to build our image as the company that provides high-quality products and out of the world service to its customers. We are known as the most in-demand and foremost plastic mixing mill manufacturers. We have the most extensive variety of products which are sold to customers from all around the world periodically. We are one of the leading rubber mixer mill exporter who provide quality beyond competition since 2002.

  • The most optimized and high-quality manufacturing units that provide higher productivity ratio.
  • Besides the ultra-advanced product quality, we provide the best service to our customers.
  • We are well equipped with highly professional research and development teams.
  • We guarantee you the expert team. We follow lean production processes, thus, incur less operational costs.
  • We are the leading manufacturers and designers of plastic, rubber, and chemical machinery.
  • We use high-quality raw materials in the production.
  • We are equipped with reputed vendors.
  • We ensure the timely and efficient shipment and delivery of your order.
  • We ensure prompt response to your query.
  • We focus on client satisfaction. Thus, we provide after-sale and long-term maintenance of the product.

Buy From Leading Rubber Processing Machinery Manufacturer Of The World

Simptek Ltd. is the leading brand that is known to produce the best milling machines. The range of the machine that we produce range from fully to semi-automatic milling machines that are based on the latest methods of technology as we keep ourselves updated with the latest inventions in the field of technology and science. Our Rubber Processing Machinery is considered the best because of the fact that they are finest in terms of quality and also because of the fact that we are considered as the best wholesale of Rubber Machinery that provides the lowest rates to the customers compared to any other brand globally.

Our Hi-Tech Manufacturing Units Of Rubber Machinery

We are the most famous Rubber Pre-Refiner exporter known for providing machines based on the latest methods of technology. As the top brand, we keep ourselves updated with all the innovations of science and technology to deliver the latest products to the customers that facilitate them in every way and bring convenience to their lives.

Offering The Top-Quality Rubber Machinery

Moreover, our highly modernized automatic milling machines are the machines that are best in terms of quality as well. We ensure the assurance of quality in a way that we have a team of highly expert individuals who are constantly striving to provide the finest quality by selecting only the genuine components that are long-lasting and highly durable; the components are not only tested for their functionality but also for the safety of the users. Through these steps, we ensure to provide products that are up to an international mark of quality.