How dispersion kneader develope ?

A kneader machine means equipment used to knead and mix substances; it is widely used to process high viscosity materials, silicone, EVA, rubber,plastic, adhesive, BMC, CMC, ink, medicine, resin etc. 

Before, people used open mill mixing to mix rubber, but as technology developed, it transformed into a hydraulic press dispersion kneader machine.

Best Features Of Rubber Kneading Machinery  

Dispersion Kneading machines have become the most commonly used type of 'mixer' in the rubber industry due to their feature of highest quality mixing and minimum time. Efficient dust-proof systems and latest technology has made the compounding room a matter of pride. Hydraulic rams and lid design make these kneading machines best for high dispersion effect.

Traditional Kneaders machine have two rotating rotors ,which rotate at different speeds facilitated through connecting gears. The wings push your rubber material from one area to the other area of the chamber. Basically, the traditioanal kneader machine has a rotor shaft with two long, high and narrow wings which are welded on the shaft. Traditional kneaders provide a water cooling system in the rotor shaft and small jackets in each wing. Frankly ,this cooling method is not sufficient for single pass mixing. 

Over time there is great change on rotor aspect of machines, user can see better sign water cooling channels for better and quick mastication. For example, some one designed tri-blade rotors where mixing with highest quality dispersion effect, while its mixing time can reduce up to 15%.

Usually, the kneader machine has a motor, pace reducer, couplings, transmission structure, electronic control systems and vacuum balanced structure.

Basically, the working principle between mixing mill and kneader is the same, When working ,there is friction between two rotors (similar to rollers in roller mixing mills) to aid mixing. 

But the difference is that, for kneaders, this process happens in a closed environment. Kneader machine feature with its special rotors(blades),mixing chamber and pressure lid, which allow for thorough material flow and controlled shear mixing within the mixing chamber. 

It was designed initially for mixing thermoplastics; these Kneaders have now become very important machine for rubber factories and elastomer industry. These Kneader machines are  energy efficient, maintenance-friendly, labor and time-saving machinery,it offers a consistent quality of rubber mix compound at higher output as compared to an open mixing mill.