How rubber is process ?

Rubber is an incredibly common and versatile material; it is widely used for making many items in our daily life, such as elastic bands, footwear, swimming caps, and hoses. And some rubber would be produced to make vehicle tires. Usually, rubber processing consists of four basic steps as follows:

How Rubber Is Processed In A Nut Shell 

1. Mastication, when the polymer is sheared, and the molecules are broken down to give more effortless flow. The process can be done either in large enclosed mixing machines or on rubber mills.

2. Mixing, After Mastication, the material should be mixer or roll mixing mill when additives are incorporated

3. Extrusion: Extruders produce long continuous products such as tubing, tire treads, and wire coverings. They are also used to produce various profiles that can later be cut to length. 

4. Curing Or Vulcanization, when the polymer molecules become interlinked and the shape is fixed, it needs to be heated by steam or electricity to temperatures and get formed to the desired shape and thickness that we need.

Both natural and synthetic rubber can be changed into compounds which are suitable to face the most challenging performance and environmental criteria. Usually, basic rubber is nearly not useful to the manufacturer, it must be formulated and so that it become our desired properties in finished products. To process the raw rubber material well, we need wide range of high-quality machines, which are designed and developed according to international quality standards. 

All the rubber machinery is offered in different capacities and specifications are designed to meet your specific needs. For example, the lab dispersion kneading machine can work on 0.5 liter,1litre to 10 litre. While for large production, you can choose our large capacity industrial dispersion kneading machines which you are available in 35 litre,55litre,75litre and 11o litre, even can reach up to 150 liter capacity. All the large and heavy machines in the industry provides value, durability and reliability. Even some machines in the industry are equipped with a cooling water system.