How Rubber Mixing Mill Works and Why Do We Buy It?

Mixing mills are used to manufacture rubber compounds. A rubber base material is mixed with several essential additives, for instance, fillers, colorants, processing aids, and softeners. A mill has different rolls works purposely, like two of the rolls of the rolling mill rotates in the opposite direction for mixing purpose and the other one is used for friction. Therefore, the shearing force act on rubber in the nip between the rolls, and this way, the rubber is mixed. 

Structure of a mixing mill:

If we talk about structure, a mixing mill consists of two rolls arranged in parallel. Two of the rolls can work independently of one another to be a move towards each other. The best part is you can adjust the speed according to your specifications and requirements. 

The front roll facing the machine operator or the rear roll rotates faster; it all depends on the mixture of how it starts working itself. Since the heat is generated during the mixing process, as we all know, the rollers can be cooled using water cooling to get back to their optimal processing temperature. 

The function of a mixing mill:

Not just two or three, many functions are encountered under this heading. In the beginning, the untreated rubber block is inserted in a roll nip, and the block is pulled in wraps around the front roll in the thick nip. 

Afterward, additives, such as softeners and shaping aids, are mixed one by one. In order to make sure if substances are adequately mixed with the rubber that has been done after an uneven distribution, the rubber is separated transversely to wound and roll-up. 

Types of Mixing Mills:

• Breaking Mill

Rubber Mixer Mill

• Laboratory rolling mill

• PVC rolling mill

• Silicone mixer mill

• Refining mill

Precautionary Measures:

The nip between the rollers of mixing mills and laboratory mixing mills are quite sharp and represents the safety hazards. To protect the company’s employees, a manager should check its working, retrofit the old mixing mills, and keep first aid on priority.