How Rubber & Tire Machinery work?

In the tire and rubber industry, labor costs your business time and money. At Simptek, we provide fast and efficient service to keep your production up and running. As a leader in machinery rigging and moving, we offer turnkey solutions for your equipment — from assembly line removal and installation to single-part replacements and repairs. 



To meet the needs for greater automation, labor savings, and productivity,Simptek supply a variety of tire machinery, ranging from passenger car tires to the earthmovers.

These machinery are known for high productivity and low energy consumption and demonstrate excellent mixing performance.


So how do these tiry machinery work?



Bead Winding


Beads are bands of high tensile-strength steel wire encased in a rubber compound. After the bead wire is coated with special alloys of bronze or brass and rubber, it’s wrapped around a fixture.

Beads are inflexible and inelastic, it would provide the mechanical strength to fit the tire to the wheel. 




Calendering is a process in tire manufacturing where steel or fabric is coated with rubber. It works by pulling steel or fabric between two large vertical hard rollers . When the mateiral go through the rollers, due to high temerature and high pressure ,it forces the rubber to permeate and adhere to the steel or fabric.



Extruder machine are used to build tires very popular. Rubber is pressed into a extrusion equipment,it wolud heat the rubber and forces it through a die to produce the desired shape.


Roll mixing mill


The internal mixer is also called as two roller mixning mill ,it is used to mix oil, rubber,and chemicals into all the rubber compounds ,these coupound material would be used in manufacturing tires. After mixing under high pressure, the rubber is formed into thick sheets which can be further processed in calendare machine and extrusion equipment. 



Curing vulcanizer


Curing is also know as rubber vulcanizer ,it is one process that forms the tire into the desired shape under heat and pressure. The vulcanizer press machine is equipped with a high performance hydraulic system with automatic pressure compensation function. This vulcanization equipmment feature with electric heating and PID temperature ,which can control  fast heat and precisely control the temperature