What is a Dispersion Kneader?

Kneader machine is one equipment ,it has multiple usages,suitable for food processing, polymer processing, and rubber processing industry. 

Dispersion kneader machine is categorized in the closed system mixer equipment,which can control the temperature and chemical waste during the mixing process.


The dispersion kneader machinqe can control the blending and mixing of raw materials ,and create a compound mixture. This kneader mixer machine has a mixing chamber with rotating blades.


This dispersion kneader equipment is used to combine a wide range of materials, from low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity rubber.

When working ,this designed rotors blades begin to mix and shear the material in mixing chamber under pressure lid ,there is not cold spots in the compound and achieving a uniform mixture .

Usually ,dispersion kneader include large volume industry banbury mixer kneader machine and lab dispersion kneader.


Laboratory dispersion mixer machine is specially designed for small-batch processing,it is applied for mixing of small lot samples of some dozens of raw material, such as rubber, plastics, EVA, TPR and chromoplast etc.


This laboratory kneader machine is suitable for mixing and kneading applications such as chemical, plastic, and rubber materials. 

Through this lab dispersion knenader ,it can produce a premium quality product within a short time. 

By using of this kneader machine ,manufacture can increase the production process up to 100% by using this machine.