What is a vulcanizing press?

Curing, also known as vulcanization, it is finished by vulcanizer press machinery with heated and sulphur, accelerator and activator at 140–160°C.

By curing ,it causes the long polymer chains that rubber is composed of to become crosslinked. The vulcanized rubber prevents the chains from moving independently, it would allow the material to stretch under stress and pressure, and then it would return to its original feature when the stress is released. 

After vulcanization ,the  treated crude or synthetic rubber or similar plastic material would become more elastic, resilient, tensile , viscous, hardand weather resistant.

The curing vulcanizer machine consists of two heavy metal plattens (can be customized). It is used for vulcanizing various kinds of rubber silicon,and plastic mould products , And it can make tyre, O-rings, rubber floor tiles, slippers and other rubber products. It can also be used to thermosetting plastic, foam, resin, bakelite, sheet metal, building materials and other model products pressing.


So why these rubber material need to be cured ?

Compared to cured rubber material, the uncured rubber deforms easily when it is warm and is brittle when cold. As its natural feature,the raw rubber is not flexible, valuable material for many finished products.

The great difference between cured rubber and uncured mateiral is that the curing would involve heating the rubber after a curing additive has been added to the compound.