What is kneader mixer?

Kneader mixer is also known as Z blade kneader reactor ,or Double Sigma blade Mixer, it is a device used for mixing and kneading substances with high viscosity. it belongs to the family of double arm kneader mixers. 

The kneader mixer is a multi-functional equipment combining kneading, mixing,heating, vulcanizing and polymerizing. This Z Blade mixer extruders are widely used in different industries ,

 it is specially suitable to process High Viscosity and Elastoplastic materials,such as such as chewing gum, dough, toffee, Plasticine, rubber, silicone, adhesive or resin etc.


The knead mixer is a horizontal mixing machine with two Sigma, or Z-type blades,which rotate together in a horizontal trough. Its two blades are driven by separate gears at different speeds, or one running 1.5 times faster than the other. The reactor has one powerful motor and a speed reducer to drive the two blades. 

By different speed ,it would generate a strong shearing force, which make the mixture quickly be sheared and evenly mixed.

During the mixing cycle, the extrusion screw continuously push the materials within reach of the mixing blades, shortening cycle time significantly compared to conventional double-arm mixers.


So why do we need blade mixer kneader ? It has many advantage as follows:


* Excellent mixand knead performance during wet, pasty and viscous phases

*Large working volume reactors efficiently handling large product volumes

*Large heat-exchange surface areas yielding highest possible surface-to-volume ratio

*Robust design for high viscosity processing

we are able to solve any issues of kneading, mixing & dispersing that could be encountered in the food and chemical industries.