What is rubber cutter machine

What is the way to cut industrial rubber products like seals, gaskets, and insulation? By manual cutting, or cutter machine?

Manual cutting seem the simplest way to cut industrial rubber products. Usually, you can use a box cutter or bladed knife. 

Manual cutting might seem cost-effective, but you may ignore the true cost of a working lobour . And also, the efficient of lobour cutting materi is not high . For example ,you need to cut 1000kgs of rubber material ,how long it will take to finish the work by labor ? and also ,manual cutting also increases the risk of employee injury. 

Rubber bale cutter is one of the raw material processing machine of rubber factory. It is mainly used in cutting the natural rubber or synthetic rubber into easy mixing small blocks to conform the requirement.

Rubber Bale Cutters are specially designed for economy, durability. This machine can cut rubber, foam materials and other soft objects into any blocks as per your needs, it is widely used for cutting rubber bales in different sizes. The steel hardened rollers ensure smooth movement of the bale through the machine. 

The cutting machine consists of frame, reducer, turn setting and a pair of blades, it include Semi and fully automatic cutters ,which are perfectly suitable for toughest natural and synthetic rubber bales.

The rubber cutter is very compact size and easy to carry, its aluminum alloy material is sturdy and durable, which ensure the sample cutting surface is smooth and thickness accuracy.