What is rubber granulator ?

A Brief Guide About Rubber Granulator

A rubber grinder granulator is specialized and designed for the rubber granulating process. It is used to make waste rubber powder for tire recycling.

The rubber granules grinder machine is one fine rubber grinding machine widely used to grind natural rubber, synthetic rubber, granular materials, and plastic products into fine powder under normal temperature.

The granulator or grinder machine is designed for grinding rubber from the rasper into small particles as fine as 1mm. The granules are screened and recirculated until the desired size is reached. Due to the design of the granulator, the granulator produces very uniform cut and high-quality pellets.

Recycling rubber especially recycling scrap tires, can provide crumb rubber for a variety of applications. Rubber shredder and rubber granulator work together to produce great scrap rubber products into the uniform cut and high-quality granules. The rubber granules grinder machine comprises a grinder, pipes, cyclone separator, blower, control cabinet, and water cooling system. While the grinding part consists of a hopper, motor, transducer, grinding discs, adjusting device, water cooling system, and main frame.

A rubber powder machine is suitable for a waste tire recycling plant, it is used to grind the rubber from the wire separator, and the processed item can reach up to 1 mm after pulverization. During the granulation process, 99% of the fibers are removed, which leaves very pure crumb rubber pellets ready for further processing or sale.

These finished rubber items are mainly used in sports tracks, football fields, tennis courts, and other sports venues. They are applied in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, families, kindergartens, nursing homes, etc.