What is rubber mixing mill ?

Two roller Mixing mills are very common in rubber industry. The two roll rubber mill is a machine used to process natural rubber into various compounds.  The two roller mixing machine is used to mix the raw material and additional agents uniformly for testing,  then apply the experiment results and its ratio in the production line for factories ,so that its requirements of quality and color can satisfy the needs of customer. 

Nearly any rubber industry must have this machine or they are unable to proceed with any rubber item . This open mixing mill machine is used to manufacture rubber compounds. 

This equipment have two rolls basically. Each roller rotates opposite to the direction of the other,this mill works on the principle of compression by applying stress. In order to mix the ingredients well , there is one roll must run faster than the other one. Of course ,the speed of the rotation can be adjusted to the desired ration through frequency converter,some mixing mill have one and two frequency converter seperately control the roller if needed.


In order to mix the rubber sheet ,you firstly need to put the material between these two roller and run the machine.

One thing need to note is that the nip thickness can be adjustable according to your needs.

There is roll nip to adjust the width between the rolls. Adjusting this nip,you can adjust the thickness of the rubber that you need. 

During the mixing process, the rolls get heated up. But there is cooling system ,which can cool the material by water cooling. By process again and again ,the rubber base is totally incorporated with the additives finally. 

The mixing quality of the rubber compound depends on the processing parameter, such as viscosity, cure characteristics, etc

After mixing ,the compound material is processed through extrusion, calendaring etc.


Our mixing mills machine are applied for certain substances in very tough and resistant materials, such as rubber,sicone, plastic etc. Beside these rubber material, these rubber mixing mills are used for crushing rubber waste and refining mixtures from internal mixers.


Our two roller mixing mill include Breaking mill,

rubber rolling mill, laboratory rolling mill,PVC rolling mill,

refining rolling mill,, silicone mill etc. they are available in many capacity ,ranging from 3inch to 24inch .