What is single screw extruder machine ?

Single screw extruder machine is very popular in our production ,it uses one screw within a cylindrical barrel to continuously push plastic through a constant profile die.  It is used to form a plastic product into the required shape.

SINGLE screw extruder

Basically ,the single screw consists of a feeding , compression, metering and a mixing parts.  As its working priciple ,it is also divide to four parts ,that is Extrusion system,Transmission system,Heating & cooling system and Electrical control system.


While the extrusion system include one screw, barrel, hopper, head, and die. 

When the material is fed from the hoppper ,it would be pulled into a uniform melt through the extrusion system, then extruded through the screw also under pressure.


The screw of extruder machine is actually like the “heart” of one extruder machine. The screw is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy steel. Through the rotation of the screw, the raw material is moved forward and pressurized in the barrel. 

One thing you may know is that the feature of screw greatly determines the productivity, plasticization quality, dispersion of additives, melt temperature, power consumption ,that is why it is very important for one extruder machine .

rubber extrusion machine

Concering the barrel,It is actually metal cylinder and made of heat-resistant, high-compressive strength and high-strength alloy steel.


The barrel and screw work together,to realize the crushing and softening of plastics. Through melt, plasticize and compact, it deliver the melt to the molding system continuously and uniformly. 


As to the head and die of extruder machine ,it is made of an alloy steel inner sleeve.The head is mainly used to transform the rotating plastic melt into parallel , then push it into the mold evenly and smoothly.


The extruder machine is easy to operate ,high processing efficiency and low price, these extrusion machine are widely used in food processing, plastic processing, film blowing, pipe extrusion, pressing plate, and ribbon drawing.


 So when you chose suitable extruder machine ,you need to compare these part of the extrusion machine ,these parts will differ from your plastic material formulation. 


Only the most suitable extruder machine can you achieve your desired extrusion process and perfect products.