What is splitting machine ?

Splitting machines are also known foam sheet splitter or skiving machine ,it is necessary equipment of the tyre-manufacturing factories. They provide the rubber strips, which are in line with Φ120, Φ90, Φ60 etc, the splitting machine can be used by the cold feeding before extruder machine of the extrusion production line.

The rubber splitting machines are the rubber dividing and cutting machines used by the anterior procedure(Area) of the cold feed machine. 


Splitting machines are used to split material to thinner dimensions ,it  can split a thick material into many thinner pieces as per your needs. 

The automatic splitting machine can use to split EVA the rubber, the leather and the leather board for controlling of thickness.


The splitting machines are designed to equalize or reduce the thickness of natural/synthetic leather parts by performing splitting operations, it split material to thinner dimensions, it can split a thick material into many thinner pieces. 

The splitting machines are commonly used by the automotive, rubber, plastic and leather goods industries, it is mainly used for laboratories for rubber and plastic industries, we are offering a wide range of Laboratory rubber splitting machines in different capacity . They can produce EVA, FOAM Memory foam,Othrolite, Hi poly,ETC material,diffuser, reflector film, double-sided adhesive tape, nickel plate, PET, PC,CR, PE insulation paper copper /aluminum foil and all kinds of adhesive tapes etc.

These laboratory rubber splitting machines feature high performance, efficiency, ease of use and durability.They are fabricated using high grade raw material and used for preparing test samples for laboratory tests.


This rubber splitting machine is suitable to cut rubber foam block,  beach shoes, slippers and other materials in concave-convex shape ,it is suitable for the highly and lowly foaming and processing of rubber, PE and EVA, featuring high speed and high accuracy.


Our PE/EVA splitting machine feature high speed ,efficienciency and high precision ,it is easy to operate and use. its close splitting tolerance of +/-0.1mm when splitting thin sheets.