What is the process of extrusion?

An extruder machine is known as a squeezing machine. An extruder machine is simply one piece of equipment that use a system of barrels and cylinders; the extruder machine heats the material and then pushes it through the die to create the desired shape. So what is the process of extrusion?

The Process Of Extrusion

Usually, the material that extruder machinery can process may be pellets, dry powder, rubber, plastic, metal bar stock, or even food; this material is heated and pushed through a die. A die is essentially a mold that shapes the material. When the material is fed from one side of this die, it will force through the material to the other side. It’s one of the most common ways to produce sheets and strips of stock metal, plastic, and rubber shapes.

For plastic extruders, it is used in the plastic processing industry.  The effective length of the squeezing machine or extruder machine is generally divided into three sections they are screw diameter, pitch, and screw depth.

A highly efficient single screw extruder machine adopts a two-stage overall design to strengthen plasticizing function, ensuring high-speed, high-performance, and stable extrusion.

Basically, a single screw extruder consists of a drive system, Feed system, Screw, barrel, heaters system, Head and die assembly, and Control system.

The simplest extruder is a ram extruder. When working, its pressure is applied to a piston, which forces the extrudate out of the die. The barrel would heat the material and melt it, lowering its viscosity. With the correct heat and ram movement pressure, the polymer is pushed out of the die in the desired shape.