What is the process of vulcanization?

Vulcanization is defined as the curing of elastomers, it is one processes for hardening rubbers(including natural and synthetic rubber material),it is one treatment of natural rubber with sulfur and heat rubber under the presence of heat and pressure, By way of vulcanization ,it would change the structure of the rubber molecules, strenghen its elasticity or resiliency ,ensile strength, viscosity and durability etc. 

Basically ,the natural rubber has a mixture of polymers, while vulcanized rubber is the material that forms after the vulcanization of natural rubber. The key difference between natural rubber and vulcanized rubber is in their mechanical properties.

After vulcanization ,the rubber feature would be 10 times more stronger and more durable than natural rubber and as a result, through this process ,this vulcanized rubber can be used for many more purposes than natural rubber.

Vulcanized rubber is used to make a variety of items, including the soles of shoes, hydraulic hoses, conveyor belts,hockey pucks, motor mounts ,bowling balls, toys, tires, rubber seals,On-ring ,erasers,bouncing balls etc. 

One thing you may know is that ,most rubber products are vulcanized ,,by vulcanization it would mprove their lifespan, function, and strength.

We have many capacity of vulcanizer machine ,including manual vulcanize press machine and auto vulcanizer machine,they are available in a rang of 10ton to 10000ton.

The vulcanizing press machine is suitable for use in pressing all kinds of rubber molding products, besides ,they are also used to suppress various types of thermosetting plastics and foam rubber .