What is Vulcanizing press machine ?

The laboratory vulcainzer press machine is used to press all kinds of rubber molding products and suppress various types of thermosetting plastics and foam rubber products as well. It is suitable for rubber ,Fibreglass and plastic raw materials, paint, printing ink, chemical raw materials, etc. 


Rubber vulcanizing press usually consist of hot plates, plates, up/down steel platforms, piston stroke, hydro-cylinder, hydraulic station and electrical control system. It can be equipped with push-pull mould device to move the mould on the machine.


When working ,your material is placed in the casting mold and clamped between the electric-heating flat plates. 

your raw material is placed in the mould, clamped between these two electric heating plate of the machine ,which would be pressed and heated ,to be formed for testing and mass production of ingredients in the factory


Under high pressure and temperature,the machine would make the material shaping,testing and serving as the basis for the ingredient of mass production.

Due to its column structure and downward pressing type, the heating plate opens by the platform and plunger. The rising of the plunger makes the heating plate close while the hydraulic oil provides the pressure. Within certain limit, the working pressure and heating temperature can be adjusted.


These Lab rubber vulcanizing press machine are suitable to produce vulcanizing parallel adhesive type, such as conveyor belt,driving belt, and pressing rubber products, foamed plastic,thermosetting plastic(bakelite) and other plastic products ,it also ideal to make O ring, sealing parts, oil seal, auto parts, rubber crash pad, rubber air spring, key product ,such as cell phone, keyboard,remote-control,sealing washer, medical rubber parts, rubber bottle stopper, silicone wrist band, water-stop tape, rubber cable, electronics insulators etc. Also ,it is widely used in complex silicone and rubber fittings production and process, such as nipple,medical supplies, health product, artware, toy seal, electroconductive rubber, automotive rubber parts, industrial rubber parts,medical silicone produc


We provide a wide range of vulcanizing hot press, ranging from 15 to 10,000 tons ,all of these vulcainzer press machine are  customized as per your specific needs. Our vulcanizing press machine can be be classified manual operate and semi-automatic operate.

Except the vulcanizer press machine,we also custom and supply other kinds of laboratory equipment,including lab screw extruder, lab banbury mixer,lab blown film machine, lab three-roll calender, lab two roll Mill etc.