What rubber machinery is used in your industry?

As your business grow ,you may need to buy some rubber machinery to satisfy your production needs ? so what specific machiery are mostly suit you? 

Before you decide to buy machinery firstly ,you need to consider the question as follow: 

What types of processe do rubber manufacturing would do? what function would you want to satisfy?


1. Extrusion

Extrude machines force uncured rubber through a mould under high pressure and high temperature.  Extrude machine have many kinds of machinery as the shape of finished product .They are sheet,pellet or tape. A set of rotating knives (or die face cutters) then convert the resulting extruded material into slugs or pellets for further processing. And after the item come out the mould ,as the temperature is very high , it need to be cooled ,either by wind or water etc.


2. Calendering

Calendering machines contain vertical rollers through which rubber material is passed. The calendar machine may have 2 ,3,4 roller . As per your needs ,the roller diameter ,lenght may be different . Usually, they are used to combine rubber sheeting with another material or fabric, in a process known as frictioning or combining.


3. Vulcanisation

Vulcanising machine is also called as Press Vulcanizing Machine,it is used to rubber vulcanization and can involve a number of different machines . The rubber vulcanizer press machine has two working layers, its upper one is for the heating plate, which is heated by electricity and its lower one is a cooling plate, which is cooled by a tap water cooling system.  As its force ,there are pneumatic and hydraulic pressure. As per your needs ,you need to decide what kind of vulcanizing machine you need .The type of product will also determine which vulcanisation method is used.


4. Cutter


The rubber bale cutter are widely used for cutting rubber bales in different sizes ,it is used to cut synthetic or natural rubber bales in pieces for further processing for rubber mixing mill, kneader mixer and banbury mixing machines

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