What Rubber Skiving Machine would work?

Splitting machine a equiment which are designed for splitting of soft material like EVA block, EVA sheets and other Rubberized material sheets.

The splitting machine can split material to thinner dimensions and it can split a thick material into many thinner pieces. The thickness of splitting can be adjusted with the help of servo motors.


Splitting machine consists of a moving blade attached with motorized system.

When the skiving machine split the rubber block/sheet, the material is fed into feeding rollers of machine manually. The block or sheet splits through the moving blade. 


The splitting machine is an industrial skiving machine generally used for skiving plastics, rubber, printing blankets, diving suits, technical foams. The skiving machine come with a water box and sponge,it is equipped with knife edge for skiving rubber and soft plastics,they are widely used by the automotive, rubber, plastic and leather goods industries .


The skiving process can be applied to a variety of applications and material, such as leather ,rubber,plastic, silicone and even metal material.

For exampe ,when the skiving machine process leather, the skiving knives trim the thickness of the leather, often around the edges, to thin the material and make it easier to work with. 

When it process metal , this skiving can be used to remove a thin dimension of material ,or it would create thin slices in an existing material, such as heat sinks where a large amount of surface area is required relative to the volume of the piece of metal.

The skiving machine is manually fed and can handle widths up to 60 inches, with no limit to the length of the sheet ,it is used on the cutting site and widely used for processing various parts, the machine can process verious kinds of products from genuine leather and PU materials, closed-cell foams, rubber foams and plastic foams to sheets as thin as 1/16 of an inch. 

Since the skiver machine cut horizontally, products may be cut to size on vertical saws, waterjet cutters or die cutters. Products produced from the skiver include high-density packaging, flotation devices like life jackets and sports matting and padding.