Why laboratory is so important ?

Lab dispersion kneader is also known as sigma mixer ,it is a device used for mixing, Grinding and kneading a wide range of materials, from low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity material,

, such as plastic ,EVA ,rubber, synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive, et,Chemical, Polymers Plastic,Pharmaceuticals, adhesives, polyester Compounds, soap, PVC coatings, Rubber compounds, Confectionery, Ceramic etc.


Laboratory kneader machine is mainly used for laboratory ,it is applied for mixing of small lot samples of some dozens of raw material, such as rubber, plastic, EVA, TPR etc. The laboratory kneader machine usually has a small volume, and lower power consumption, this lab equipment provides manufacturers & factory with an optimum and favorable apparatus for saving raw material.


The Lab kneader machine has two Z- shaped stirrers rotate towards each other at different speed inside ,it adopt pressed mixer chamber, great to ensure the quality of mixing,get the best efficiency and great to ensure homogeneous compound dispersion, easy colour change cleaning, and simple operation. 


So you may wander if why do you need laboratory kneader machine ,it has advantage as follows : 


*Excellent mixing and kneading performance during wet, pasty and viscous phases

*Large working volume reactors efficiently handling large product volumes

*Large heat-exchange surface areas yielding highest possible surface-to-volume ratio

*Maximum self-cleaning

*Narrow residence-time distribution for plug flow operation

*Adaptive for a wide range of residence times

*Closed design for cleaner production environment

*Robust design for high viscosity processing

*Compact design maximizing process yield per performance volume and minimizing space requirement