Why need one lab two roll mills?

Rubber mixing mill is a open type rubber refining machine , used to uniformly mix the raw material and additional agents ,it is used for testing and apply the experiment results .

While Laboratory two roll mill is one small type rubber mixing mill ,

it is mainly used for small batch tests, routine works or for testing thermoplastics. it is used for research, development and quality control all over the world.

Roller mills are a form of compression horizontal mill ,it is made from imported alloy steel, toughened and hard chrome plated ,it feature with a high hardness of 60-62 HRC. 

These two hollow roller rotated in opposite direction,so that the roller can crush or grind various materials(including rubber ,Silicone,plastic,PVC,Thermoplastics or EVA), the material are sheared as it passes through the gap ,then come out even materials, to feed other machine in production. 

Usually ,one of the rollers is run by a motor and the others are rotated by friction as the material is drawn through the gap between the rollers. But there are double frequency ,which can control the roller respectively,the speed can be adjustable.

So in order to control the thickness of material ,you should know the following parameter is very important :

*The gap between the rollers

*The speed differential between the rolls

*Feed rate

So what advatange of roller mills?

1. Produce more uniform, fewer fines
2. Generates less heat unlike hammer mill that generates up to 100 degree centigrade
3. Less moisture loss
4. Better work environment due to low machine noises level
5. It is energy efficient/energy saving
6. Reducing working hazard due to dust generation from the milling material.

However ,there are disadvantage for these two roll mill ,for example,

1. It is not effective on fiber. Works best on easy to grind materials like corn, cereal grains, etc.

2. Additional operator inputs are required since the rolls need to be adjusted to suit grind requirements.

We offer the laboratory roll mill Polymix as a compact machine for mixing all types of plastic,PVC,color master batch and rubber material. These lab open mixing mill are available in different roll diameters and can be delivered with a numbers of options.