Why do you need silicone mixing mill?

Raw silicone must be fed through a mixing mill to mix in any extra additives or colouring. Thus, it is very important that the quality of mixing during the milling stage of silicone rubber production is constantly monitored.

This silicone mixing mill include the rolls, reducer,bearings,motor ,Driving device, Lubricator and cooler,it is applied to mix, knead and plasticize rubber and plastic, and draw them in sheets or strips.


Our rubber mixing mill provides both rubber and silicone mixes for compression mould and extrusion machines. We have both internal mill mixing and open mill mixing in use. 


This open  mixing mill is suitable for plastic industry mixing and processing, the material for most polymer ,  such as rubber ,plastic, silicone ,PVC, color master batch. The two roller mixing mill machine adopts special heated mold, roll surface temperature uniformity, it wouldn't  take  off a layer, sample thickness can be mixed ,so that the raw material and compound mix and acheive the required color and quality.


The two roll silicone open mixing mill is specially developed for silicone material, its roller is made of chilled cast iron with vanadium and titanium alloys and the surface are chrome plating and mirror finishing treatment, it is hard and anti-wear, thus there won’t have the trouble of silicone stickness on the rolls. 

Our silicone mixing mill is equipped with an overload protection device ,which prevent the major components from being damaged due to overloading .It feature with an emergency device .When an emergent accident happens ,just draw the safety pull-rod ,and the machine will stop immediately .It’s safe and reliable .