Calender Machine

In Demand Two Roll Mills Accustomed To High Performance 

Simple Machinery is the custom two roll calendaring machine supplier in the industry. We are known as the industry's most competitive players, as we never fail to provide high-quality Machinery at the most affordable rates. We have always outperformed other calendering machine producers based on quality, reliability, and equipment durability. There are so many industries around the globe that are employing two-roll mills to get the desired results. Our modern two roll mills are self-sufficient with minimum reliance on manual power as they are bound on automated systems. 

Experience The Magic Flaw-Free Functionality With Our Product

Our calendaring machines employ two calendars that function to smooth, compress, and sometimes bond different materials. The steel rollers of two roll mills are smooth and porous in kinds heated with electric elements to run the course. Our two roll calendaring machines can be used on an independent converting setting and the integrated production facility.  Different designs are available for specific applications. We have a range of other models available for calendars starting with 12-inch comprehensive calendars at minimum.

Customized Options Available 

Our two-roll mill is a compact machine for mixing all types of rubber material. Our product is successfully used in so many projects of research, development and quality control and rubber manufacturing errands. They are versatile and are available in different roll diameters ranging from  110  to 200  mm. The best thing about our company is that we meet customer requirements by providing them ample options to get what they want.

Unmatched Performance

With years of experience in this domain, we can count among the leading manufacturing companies of two roll mills. Over the years, we have made great progress and shook hands with the industry’s leading raw material providers to produce our ultra-competitive two roll mills. Our goal is to make user-friendly and less power consuming machines to help our consumers get the best results in mixing, Sheeting, and warming the rubber.

Last but not least, our product surpasses all quality control procedures to provide unmatched performance.

The Best Application Of Our Mixing Mills 

On a very basic level, our two-roll mixing mill is used to process rubber products. These machines also expertly perform mixing, Sheeting and warming of rubber. They are also best for performing all specific applications mentioned below:

•Warming and feeding mills and calendars 

•Very good Plain compounding and mixing


Why Do We Stand Ahead Of Others?

We put our utmost effort into making the most high-quality rollers. It's the quality of rollers that defines the overall quality of the China calendar machines. They are made up using cast alloy iron, whose strength can reach 65hdc to 75hdc, respectively. We always treat our clients with respect and understand their needs to provide them with the best-suited product. As the top-ranked China calendar machine supplier, we provide you with high-tech machines primarily comprised of rollers, gearboxes, coupling, motor, frame, bedplate, and adjusting space devices. You can easily adjust the temperature of rollers. We have kept the nature of the roller surface temperature adjustable according to your needs.

Standout Features Of Our Product 

Here are some quality features of our two roll mills that all users are looking for:

•Gives stable performance and ease in operation. 

•Our mills are available in multiple speeds and fraction ratios for varied processing requirements.

•Low noise than other counterparts in the industry due to quality speed reducer installation inside.

•The human-centered operating system reduces the need for more technical labor.

•Specially designed perfect seal structure that avoids leaking of lubricating oil.