Cryogenic Deflashing Machine

Most Versatile Cryogenic Deflashing Machine For Deflashing Rubber Parts

Over the past years, Simptek Machinery has become successful in developing the most innovative cryogenic deflashing system. The cryogenic deburring/deflashing process involves removing burrs from molded components using a combination of liquid nitrogen and rubber/plastic granulate. This ensures that the components are installed to the desired standard and gives a clean look to the component. It does not affect the color, shape, surface properties, or material properties of the treated components. Our Cryogenic deflashing machines are made ideally for removing flash from a wide range of products, such as electronic equipment connectors or switches, gaskets, gears, washers, fittings, valve blocks, etc. As an automatic deburring machine manufacturer, we assure you that the cryogenic temperatures grant for accurate removal of flash from materials, such as silicone, plastic, elastomers, polymers, rubber, and aluminum die castings, all without debasing the components or harming the finish. We offer you machinery which perfectly functions even for the oddly shaped components.

How does Cryogenic Deflashing Process work?

The machines use liquid nitrogen that helps the used part reach a shallow temperature where the materials get brittle, and after reaching the brittle stage, they are used for tumbling and blasting the parts with polycarbonate. As a consequence, quick and controlled removal of any residual mold flash takes place. Also, it's used to offer a polished finish to a part's surface.

Cryogenic deflashing machine used to remove the flash from a variety of products – incorporating:

• Gears, washers, and fittings

• Grommets and flexible boots

• Manifolds and valve block

• O-rings & gaskets

• Medical implants, surgical tools, and devices

• Electronic connectors, switches, and bobbins

Reasons to Shop From premium Cryogenic Deflashing Machine Supplier

We are the top-ranked automatic deburring machine supplier and give you countless reasons to shop from us. Cryogenic defashing is utilized to remove sturdy and unwanted residual molds flash from newly molded rubber and plastic parts. The die-cast deflashing technique usages cryogenic temperatures that root the flash to become fragile and break away easily, even from oddly shaped parts.

The cryogenic deflashing machine we manufacture provides greater accuracy than manual deburring.

• It also provides you with a higher level of consistency.

• The machine we manufacture is non-abrasive and will not damage finishes.

• It sustains part integrity and critical tolerances.

• Its efficiency eventually extends the mold life.

• We make a highly automated machine that is easier to use. 

• It offers consistent results from time to time.

Availability of Options

•These machines are available in amazing stainless steel built that allows it to work under high temperatures and stress conditions as well.

•The top-quality material of stainless steel is also beneficial in the way that it reduces corrosion.

•There is also an availability of the option of a barcode reader that helps in order to control the process of production. 

•It is available in a smarter and more innovative option that further facilitates the users in a way that:

i.It can Process the data capture

ii. Automatic machine e-mailing of fault maintenance to designated personnel

iii. Gateway protected access for remote support


The availability of the option of frizz trim facilitates the customers in a way that it can complete the flexibility of processing. It is considered an ideal option for those with a large volume of production. However, there is an availability of a wide range of designs and sizes of different materials that include:

i.A range of small and large rubber and plastic parts 

ii. Parts that are ideal to make the O’rings

iii. Metal Deburring

iv. Zinc Castings

v.Aluminum Castings 

vi.Electronic Components