Rubber Mixing Mill

Meet The Premium Rubber Mixing Mill Supplier

Simptek Machinery is one of the leading and foremost rubber mixer mill manufacturers of China. We were founded in 2002 and have a great history when it comes to providing our customers with the most optimal rubber mixer mills at the most economical prices. We offer top-quality rubber processing machines consisting of gap adjusting devices, roll, bearing, safety devices, and electric control systems. It does have rolls that rotate in opposite directions and help in mixing the compound. The roller is heated using steam heating or water cooling. This process ensures that the rollers are heated uniformly. The synthetic rubber and raw rubbers are mixed and kneaded together to achieve the rubber's desired quality and color. We are the most in-demand rubber mixing mill supplier because we never compromise on the machine's quality. We know that the two roll rubber mills are widely used in mixing and kneading plastic, rubbers, and chemicals in their respective industries. Our tools are commonly used in color masterbatch, PVC, polyolefin, stabilizers, pigments, and likewise products and industries. 

Shop The Best Quality Rubber Mixer Mill At Affordable Prices 

Our top-quality rubber milling machines are commonly used for polymer mixings, such as PVC, color masterbatch, in the rubber and plastics industry. It consists of a roll, bearing, mechanism for gap adjustment, electrical control system, safety device, etc. We are known as a premium rubber mixing mill supplier in the China region. We provide the best quality rubber kneading machines at the most economical prices. We guarantee the quality of all our products and the high-tech rubber mixer mill we manufacture has a huge demand because of its faster performance and higher efficiency. We ensure that our products satisfy our customers' needs and demands and the customers get the best value for the money they spend on our products. This is why we are regarded as the best two roll mixing mill manufacturer in the international market.

Some Amazing Features of China Rubber Milling Machine

 As the most renowned China rubber mixing mill supplier, we design this optimal quality China mixing mill that has unlimited benefits to serve you. 

1. We do build the speed ratio as per the formula and processing requirements of the customers.

2. The protection of staff and equipment can be assured by a brake and emergency stop system.

3. It is easy to maintain and secure the machine by automatically feeding oil or grease lubrication.

4. The system of control established by human nature ensures labor protection.

5. It is easy to customize its roll size and capacity.

6. These rolls are non-sticky, and also roller speed and direction can be adjusted easily in rubber mixing mill machines. 

7. Rollers do have security guards’ rods.

8. This incredible machine has the most amazing feature; it has a microcomputer control system that keeps an eye on the temperature and alarms, so it is an alarming situation to protect the machine and material from damage.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Being a known rubber mixing mill supplier of the China region, we assure you to provide premium quality machines. We have yielded this reputation over the hard work of more than 15 years in this industry. We are recognized as the leading brand in the production of rubber and plastic kneading machines. We ensure the durability, reliability, and longevity of the devices. In addition to that, we provide the best service and support to all of our customers. We put all of our efforts into making the customers happy and satisfied, thus cultivating the best value for the money they spend.