2 Roller Rubber Calender Machine

  • 2 Roller Rubber Calender Machine

Looking for a machine that is reliable, efficient, and easy to operate? Look no further than the Two-roller rubber calender machine. This machine is specifically designed to roll out rubber sheets, making it an excellent choice for those who need to manufacture sheets for various applications. The rolls are made of chilled alloy cast iron, which ensures that they maintain their shape and durability even under extreme conditions. Additionally, the machine is equipped with various features that make it easy to use and navigate.

This two-roller rubber calender machine can efficiently used for calendering of rubber or plastics, fabric fraction and coating, and sheeting.

The calenders of this machine are made up of chilled cast iron with vanadium and titanium alloys, which are hard and anti-wear.

These rolls are separately driven by DC motors, which allow you to adjust the speed range separately.

The best thing about the calendar machine is that it is equipped with an emergency device, which allows you to stop the equipment in case of any emergency.

The calendering machine includes two rollers, a motor, reducer, friction gear, distance regulator, thin oil lubrication device, and other main parts/components.

Our calendar machine is available in two, three, four and five rolls   features and so  many different  arrangements.