Cryogenic Deburring Deflashing Machine

  • Cryogenic Deburring Deflashing Machine
  • Cryogenic Deburring Deflashing Machine

Benefits of Our Cryogenic Finishing

•Efficient and economical

•Little to no dust or residue

•Ideal for large and small parts

•Gears, washers, and fittings


Highspeed Solution For Cryogenic Deflashing  

Our Cryogenic Rubber Deflashing equipment provides highspeed solution for cryogenic deflashing that most normal deflashing equipment cannot. Our product is amazing in so many ways which makes it better than any other equipment for deflashing on the market. Users can have all the right reasons to choose this product:

Seamless Features With Cryogenic Systems

•These high-quality innovative machines are available in four capacity sizes.

•There is an availability of an automatic powered door as well that can facilitate the users when needed and act as a protective barrier too.  

•There is also an availability of a 20000-rpm impeller that is helpful in order to provide a hi

•It consists of a high-quality AC motor.

•The unique feature of PLC control allows easy operations 

•There is also the availability of an in-line flash and media separator which is a unique feature that is present in very few applications. 

•The feature of thick insulation is there in order to maintain cryogenic temperature.

•The machine does not require a media dryer.

•These machines are quite a durable option as it has a long media life of about 300 cycles. 

•This property of long media life makes it a good and incredible option in the terms of prices as well.

•Based on the latest technology the media and the flash exit to the separators.

•It provides a perfect media size that ranges between 0.15mm-1mm

•There is the availability of only three moving wear parts thus one does not have to worry about maintenance much.

•Small footprint the Machine+Ancillary equipment is =6㎡.