Cryogenic Deburring Deflashing Machine

  • Cryogenic Deburring Deflashing Machine
  • Cryogenic Deburring Deflashing Machine

This cryogenic deflashing machine is suitable for rubber, silicone,nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber seals and other kinds of molded rubber parts, such as O-Ring, rubber plug,gasket,rubber particles,Y-ring,solid miscellaneous special shaped rubber parts

In low temperature ,the plastic media is shot blast on moulded componets to debur or deflash the burrs of moulded rubber part .
Espercially for these

For these moulded rubber parts that have thin burrs ,it would be very easy and quick to be deflashed . Through the process of cryogenically deflashed,it would be specially perfect for these moulded part which has inner burrs,as it is very hard to be trimmed by manual labor .

After process ,cryogenic deburring/deflashing would present you  a very precise, and desirable finished item for you. Through cryogenic deflashing,it has no impact what color or shape of your mouled item.





1.High efficiency:Efficiency is 60-100 times that of artificial.
2.High precision:Can remove small hidden flash.
3.High pass rate:The trimming quality is stable and does not damage the surface of the product.
4.Remove precision injection molded products with different shapes and complicated structures.
5.Small footprint:Machine+Ancillary equipment=6㎡.
6.Low cost:Reduce production costs, management costs, mold capital.