Lab Two Roll Open Mixing Mills

  • Lab Two Roll Open Mixing Mills
  • Lab Two Roll Open Mixing Mills
  • Lab Two Roll Open Mixing Mills

*Lab scale two roller mixing mills for rubber ,chemical ,plastic ,silicone et

* Built-in heater, together with LED temperature controller and high-precision 

*Hard chrome mirrored KDB material solid roller, mirror plate finished

*Construction of mill rolls: drilled roll, bored roll, grooved roll

*Frame, frame cap and base are welded and treated by annealing for stress relieving

*Speed of roller are easy to control by two frequency converter

 *Methods of adjusting roll nip: manual or electric

*High-strength aluminum alloy frame, light and beautiful, durable

This two roll mixer mill, also named as open mixing mill ,or rubber mixer ,it consist of two horizontally placed hollow metal cylinders , bearing, gap adjusting device, electric control system, safety device, etc.

The lab two roll mill is used to mix and kneader raw material ,PVC and other chemical uniformly for testing, and userd for unversity & institute 

When processing ,these two roll of rubber machine would rotate towards each other(in opposite direction) ,the distance/gap between these two rolls can be varied, typically between 2 to 20 mm. Basically ,the speeds of the two rolls are often different, the back roll rotate faster than the front,so that enforce the compound to stay on one roller.

Throught the process of mixing and keading ,its properies would change , such as color dispersion, light transmittance, material appearance .and this ideal compounding material would be used to test as following purpose :

*Color matching test

*Soft and hardness test

*Test stabilizer

*Physical test

*Chemical test

*Various special ingredients

*Small production operations

Our rubber mixing mill are mainly used in rubber and its products, plastics and its products, polyolefin, PVC, film, coil, profile production and polymer blending, pigments, masterbatch, stabilizer, stabilizer and other industries.