Laboratory Rubber Mixing Mills

  • Laboratory Rubber Mixing Mills
  • Laboratory Rubber Mixing Mills
  • Laboratory Rubber Mixing Mills

1) Built-in heater, feature with LED temperature controller and high-precision 

2) Taiwan Bangcheng motor, low noise, stable operation and good durability

3) Hard chrome mirrored KDB material solid roller, high surface finish, the solid roller for durability

4) Brake and emergency stop device can ensure the operator's safety 

5) Speed and speed ratio can be adjusted for both roller

6) Low operating cost with high productivity,ideal for laboratory

7) Easy to install and ready to run

These two roll open mixing consist of mill mill rolls: drilled roll, bored roll, grooved roll, it is used for masticating and kneading natural rubber,synthetic rubber , EVA or PVC pellets ,widely used in tires, hoses, shoes and many other applications


This rubber mill is composed by two horizontally opposed stainless steel rolls ,they rotate at different speeds in opposite directions. When the rolls rotate towards each other, one would run faster than the other roller. Through this processing way ,the opposing rotation directions and different speeds would produce a combined shear and compression force on the processing rubber or chemical material.


Because chemical reactions are occurring during the process of mixing a rubber compound, the compound often heats up. 


When the roller are working ,it would produce heat . In order the rubber material can cool down ,one of roller are usually hollow, which allow water line go through the hollow roll,which cool the metal roll ,and thus cool down the rubber material .

Our plastic chemical rubber open mixing mill are available in many capacity, from 0.5inch to 24 inch ,they are widely used in rubber, plastics industries. Such as polyolefin, PVC, film, coil, profile production and polymer blending, pigments, masterbatch, stabilizers, stabilizers etc.


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