Manual Vulcanizing Press Machine

  • Manual Vulcanizing Press Machine
  • Manual Vulcanizing Press Machine
  • Manual Vulcanizing Press Machine

* Laboratory manual Vulcanizing press machine

*High-performance oil hydraulic system 

*High-precision and abration-resistance guide pillar features strong loading force and stable lifting

* Feature with high-temperature resistance,abrasion resistance,fast thermal transmision

* High-precison temperature sensor and LED temperature controller

*Easy to operate, easy to maintain

Vulcanizing press machine is also known as Lab curing press equipment ,it is one laboratory equipment, applicable to R & D in laboratory,used to make all kinds of vulcanizing mould,rubber products,plastics products,and testing pieces used by institute, university & college.

This lab press machine is used to produce vulcanizing parallel adhesive type, such as conveyor belt,driving belt, by way of presseing these raw material,it is finally  foamed as rubber, plastic,thermosetting plastic(bakelite) and other plastic products.

Vulcanization is a process which is carried for curing of elastomers.The raw material is placed in the mould between the electric heating plate .The hydraulic systems of vulcanizing hydraulic machine would give mechanical pressure to the elastomers  ,your raw material would be pressed and heated through thermic oil or electricity, finally the raw material is formed for testing and mass production.

The vulcanizing press machine has been developed to hot vulcanize all types of rubber, for example, EPDM, NBR, SBR CR, NR and without retooling the Lab curing press equipment can also be used to splice silicone profiles.


The Vulcanizing press machine is easy to operate, the operator can uses the foot-pedal to close and open the tools. Heat and time are easy to change in the display.


20T,25T ,30T

Temperature Range


Temperature Controller

LED digital display, key setting input, numerical display output

Temp Accuracy


Heating Method

Cartridge Heaters

Warm-Up Time

0 ~ 200 ° C takes about 25 min


LED digital display 0.1S ~ 99M~ 9.9h curing time can set the alarm

Press Platen Dimensions


Press Layers

Single layer, heating up and down mould pressing plate

Clamp Distance


Pressure Gauge


Working Power






Power Supply

1∮,220V,15A(Customer prepare power connection)