Mini Lab Twin Screw Extruder Machine

  • Mini Lab Twin Screw Extruder Machine
  • Mini Lab Twin Screw Extruder Machine
  • Mini Lab Twin Screw Extruder Machine

*Consist of grinder, pipes, cyclone separator, blower, control cabinet, water cooling system
*Adopts SIEMENS PLC touching screen Control System
*Using speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed
*Emergency stops and devices to protect safety of the operator
*Optional forced feeder to increase stability of feeding
*Widely used to grind natural rubber, synthetic rubber, granular materials and plastic products into fine powde
*Can display important data ,such as melt temperature, melt pressure, screw speed

This SJ Series extruder is suitable for processing PP, PE, PP-R, ABS and other plastics. The Mini granulator extruder machine is mainly used for test or lab research with small capacity and low energy consumption, it is great laboratory extruding equipment,widely used for chemical enterprise, scientific research institution, college and university lab etc

Through a series of procedure of heating, mixing, shearing, plasticizing and compacting the exhaust, the material is plastified into a uniform melt, and extruded into round strips. The long strips material would be cooled by water in the cooling water tank or be air-cooled, then pelletized by a pelletizer to obtain plastic pellets.



*Polymer melting, plasticizing and extruding
*Optimization of processing parameters
*Producingcast film, sheet and tube/pipe with corresponding dies.
*Optional melt pump or static mixing device can be used to improve plasticization effect
*Manual screen changer is optional to improve the purity and quality of melt.