Rubber Mixer Mill With Water Cooling System

  • Rubber Mixer Mill with Water Cooling System

*Construction of mill rolls: drilled roll, bored roll, grooved roll

* Built-in heater, together with LED temperature controller and high-precision 

*Hard chrome mirrored KDB material solid roller, mirror-finished 

*Frame, frame cap and base are welded and treated by annealing for stress relieving

*Equipped with an emergency brake for safety guaranteed

*High-strength aluminum alloy frame, light and beautiful, durable

* Ideal for rubber, plastic, PVC, polymer, color masterbatch, etc

 *Used for research for the university, institute, and small batch production for factory

The rubber open mixing mill machine is a kind of plastic material mixing equipment with adjustable gap between two parallel rollers. Its main function is to mix and plasticize uniformly mixed raw materials

The roller are independently driven by geared motors,when processing ,these two roll would rotate at different speeds in relative directions. 

 After kneading and mixing for some time , the internal macromolecular chain would be broken accordingly, so that the various components inside the rubber compound are evenly mixed and dispersed,its physical properties  and chemical effects would change and contrast. 


These lab two roll mill machine is widely used in rubber, plastics industries. Such as polyolefin, PVC, film, coil, profile production and polymer blending, pigments, masterbatch, stabilizers, stabilizers and so on