Two Roll Mixing Mills

  • Two Roll Mixing Mills
  • Two Roll Mixing Mills
  • Two Roll Mixing Mills
  • Two Roll Mixing Mills

* Laboratory PVC rubber two roll open mixing machine for rubber ,chemical ,plastic ,silicone et

* Two heating modes including electric heating or oil heating, with or without water cooling system

*Hard chrome mirrored KDB material solid roller, mirror plate finished

*Frame, frame cap and base are welded and treated by annealing for stress relieving

*Speed of roller are easy to control by two frequency converter

 *With multiple emergency stop device to guarantee operator safety

*High-strength aluminum alloy frame, light and beautiful, durable

Two roll mixing machine are specially designed to grind and mixing rubber (natural rubber and synthetic) and polymer,EVA,PVC ,color master material. 

The laboratory roller mill consists of roll, bearing, gap adjusting device, electric control system, safety device, etc.

its roll of this laboratory roller mill adopts vanadium titanium alloy chilled cast iron,whose surface is hard wear-resisting, durable and its

hardness can reach up to 50-60HRC. Each roll is drove and controlled individually ,thus its speed ,space canbe adjustable as per your needs.



*Quality rolls is made of chilled cast alloy iron whose hardnesscan reach up to 50-60HRC.
*Equipped with an emergency brake for safety guaranteed
*Auto feeding oil or grease lubrication, it is easy to maintain and protect machine.
* Ideal for rubber,plastic,PVC, polymer ,color master batch etc
* Used for research for university,institue and small batch production for factory

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